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After the Empire Writes Back
Veranstaltungstyp:Seminar (Offizielle Lehrveranstaltungen)
Semester:SoSe 2023
Zeiten:Mi. 10:00 - 12:00 (wöchentlich)
Erster Termin:Mittwoch, 12.04.2023 10:00 - 12:00, Ort: 15/113
Beschreibung:What did it mean for colonized peoples to ‘write back’ at European representations of colonial encounter? Long a foundational concept for how postcolonial literatures have been read, writing back was a way to appropriate the power of representation, agency and resistance. But who or what exactly was being written back at? And to what extent have writers of the Global South really imagined themselves as responding to Europe? In this seminar, we’ll think through the concept of writing back and its limits – questioning the figure of Europe to which it purportedly presents a response, and considering latter day emphases on South-South relations.
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