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Intercultural Competence

DozentIn: Anna-Julia Toll , Marina Schefer, M. Sc.

Veranstaltungstyp: Seminar

Ort: 15/130

Zeiten: Termine am Mittwoch, 08.11.2023, Mittwoch, 15.11.2023, Mittwoch, 22.11.2023, Mittwoch, 29.11.2023 16:00 - 21:00

Beschreibung: This seminar is addressed to international students, Erasmus and degree-seeking. Due to globalization and worldwide contacts between organizations and individuals, intercultural competence became an important skill also for students. Intercultural competence is defined as "the ability to develop targeted knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to visible behavior and communication that are both effective and appropriate in intercultural interactions" (Deardorff, 2006). This interactive seminar is aimed at understanding and experiencing the topics: basics of culture, cultural dimensions, team work and intercultural collaboration as well as communication in intercultural teams. Passing requirements are regular attendance, active participation, group works, self-study, presentations (4 ECTS). An extra task in form of an essay can be submitted for 6 ECTS. Students will be provided with a participation certificate. The seminar is not graded. A grade can be provided on individual request.

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