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23. Jan. 2018
An Austin Accent of Texas English? How Demography and Identity Fueled the Enregisterment of a Unique Southern Style of Speaking

Poster Hinrichs

Texas is home to a well-known form of vernacular American English (AmE). As a Southern dialect of AmE, Texas English (TxE) hardly has a unique phonetic feature profile that would distinguish it from, say, the speech of White Americans in Louisiana or in Mississippi. And yet, it is thought of as a unique cultural commodity, the supposedly distinctive way that cowboys, oil barons and Southern Belles sound like from Amarillo to Houston. While Dr. Hinrichs argues that at the level of segmental phonetic features, TxE is canonically Southern, but not unique, the ways that the accent occupies its place in the local cultural landscape certainly is unique and quite distinct from other Southern states.

In this talk, Dr. Hinrichs will discuss the possibility of there having been a distinctly Austin way of speaking up until the late 1990s. Locally produced music, films and standup comedy from the last three decades suggest that in Austin, the “blueberry in a pile of tomatoes” as it is sometimes called (with reference to US politics), a kind of Southern AmE used to be spoken that in its unique mix of Southern and Mainstream US phonetic features and cultural practices both embodied Austin’s attachment to its traditional Texanness and served as the last hoorah of traditional identity orientation in a strongly liberal and rapidly changing and expanding oasis inside the territory that used to house the speech of cowboys.

Guests are very welcome! Please join us Monday 5 February 2018, 10.15 a.m. in Room 41/218