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Language of Ego-Documents
DozentIn:Dr. phil. Meike Pentrel, M.A.
Veranstaltungstyp:Seminar (Offizielle Lehrveranstaltungen)
Semester:SoSe 2023
Zeiten:Do. 12:00 - 14:00 (wöchentlich)
Erster Termin:Donnerstag, 13.04.2023 12:00 - 14:00, Ort: 41/E08
Beschreibung:The term “ego-documents” comprises all kinds of texts written by authors to write and reflect about their lives. Among such texts are: letters, diaries, personal chronicles, travel accounts, or various autobiographical texts. These texts offer a wealth of linguistic material to be explored in this seminar. Studying historical documents allows us to peek into the authors’ linguistic minds, looking at more modern ego-documents may provide evidence for on-going language change or language variation.

The seminar will be organized as a study project seminar. In the first weeks we will meet in class to discuss studies dealing with different aspects of ego-documents. After a session on methodology, you will then come up with your own research projects and work on them in small groups. You will present your results in the final session(s). You term papers will be the documentation of your progress, method, problems and results in a research diary-style.

Please Note:
Students who need a “Studienleistung” for 2CP/3CP (e.g., 3. Komponente L3, ANG-M-v1) are advised to join the “History of English Lecture” (Dr. Pentrel) or the “Grammar of English Lecture” (Prof. Bergs). Contact me at the beginning of the semester, if you need join this seminar for a Studienleistung with less than 5CP.
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