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In the Dock of Discrimination: Confronting Structural Inequities in Courtroom Drama

DozentIn: Dr. phil. Laura Zander , Prof. Dr. phil. Peter Schneck

Veranstaltungstyp: Seminar

Ort: 22/106

Zeiten: Mi. 10:00 - 12:00 (wöchentlich)

Beschreibung: This course explores the complex interactions between literature and the law, focusing specifically on the dramatic narratives unfolding within courtrooms. While seemingly distinct, both law and literature share a foundation in language and have historically intertwined in intriguing ways. Examining the recurrence of legal themes in legal drama, we will explore the literary structures underlying legal argumentation. Why do legal themes recur in drama, and what kinds of literary structures underpin legal argumentation? How do filmmakers and playwrights imagine the law, and how do lawyers and judges interpret literary works? Could literature have legal subtexts, and could legal documents be re-interpreted as literary texts? What specific aspects of performance and the theatre and the courtroom as ambivalent public spheres have to be taken into consideration? We will think through these questions by juxtaposing plays, films, court cases, and critical theory, focusing mostly on debate and multi-medial expression rather than heavy close readings.
The course will be offered as a block seminar in collaboration with the English Department at the University of Verona, Italy. All participants for this course must thus be willing and able to spend June 3-6 in Verona, in addition to set aside the necessary time for travelling. Costs for accommodation and travel will be subsidised, but please be prepared to cover some part of the expenses yourself. In addition, there will be a few preparatory online sessions and two film screenings in person.
As spots in this seminar will be limited and very popular, please make sure to send me a brief note of interest and acknowledgement of the specific requirements for this course up front via email, before signing up through the system, so that I am certain that you have understood and agreed to these conditions. (A brief line stating both will suffice!)

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Witness for the Prosecution, Billy Wilder, 1957 – US, 116’
Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion, Elio Petri, 1970 – Italy, 115’

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