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The Stories of Henry James: New Readings and Interpretations

DozentIn: Prof. Dr. phil. Peter Schneck

Veranstaltungstyp: Seminar

Ort: 41/E08

Zeiten: Mo. 08:30 - 10:00 (wöchentlich)

Beschreibung: In recent decades, the literary work of Henry James (1843-1916) has become of central interest to scholars and critics interested in the relation between literature, emotion and cognitive processes - or, more generally, the psychology of reading. James himself had been an ardent invesigator of the psychological aspects of experience, the intense 'life of the mind', as it were. Reflecting on the 'art of fiction' and the craft of composing stories which would allow his readers to share the mental and emotional experience of his characters, James developed a unique concept of literature and literary experience that proved to be of enormous influence on modernist literature and beyond.
Since the beginning of his literary career, James's shorter fiction especially served as a testing ground for the author's ever growing, and ever changing repertoire of central themes, topics, and strategies, thus offering in condensed form a representative reflection of James's more general concerns and interests (and struggles) as a writer. The seminar will trace the development of James's narrative style and literary composition by the careful interpretation and discussion of a selection of his tales from the mid-1870s to the end of his career.

Background reading will include some of the more salient concepts and theories within the larger context of cognitive literary studies, as well as phenomenologiocal approaches to narrative and fiction.

Requirements for credits: Regular attendance, active participation, class presentation and written assignments (term paper, etc.) See modul description for details. If you are in doubt about the modul affiliation and the requirements, contact me before the class starts.

A bibliography and course plan will be made available in mid-March before the course starts.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is designed as an advanced B.A. course (4-6th semester), you should thus expect to be confronted with some complex reading matter. You are also expected to engage in seminar discussions based on a solid knowledge of the respective assigned readings. If you are a B.A. student in your early study phase and you want to take this class as part of a V1 module or as an elective, you are welcome to do so, but you have to come to one of my office hours before the class starts. Thank you for oyur cooperation!

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