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Professional Writing and Discussions: English-German Tandem Portfolio Course

DozentIn: Andrew Jones, B.A., M.Phil.

Veranstaltungstyp: Seminar

Ort: 41/E09

Zeiten: Fr. 10:00 - 12:00 (wöchentlich)

Beschreibung: Professional Writing and Discussions courses are advanced language courses designed for B.A. students who are in or have completed their 5th semester of studies and for M.A. students. . Under the guidance of their course instructors, the course participants will undertake a more active and independent development of their language skills by applying them to a specific topic area. They will continue to train their productive and receptive language skills, further expand their lexico-grammatical knowledge in connection with the specialist language used in the course, and acquire supplementary cultural knowledge on English-speaking countries. Ultimately, the central aim of these courses, whatever topic area and skills focus you choose, is to facilitate students' transition into self-sufficient and proficient users of the English language. If you elect to take this course, you will be expected to attend class regularly and contribute actively and intelligently. Furthermore, you will need to complete a portfolio of written and/or oral tasks during the course of the semester.

In this particular course, which is also an option for students taking their semester abroad during the semester in question, the participating students will be assigned a tandem partner in an English-speaking country. By registering for this course, you are committing to:
(1) taking part in the first class session on Friday, 27.10.2017 from 10:15-11:45, either in person or by skyping in, as I will be providing all important information about your portfolios here, and
(2) seeing through a minimum of ten 90-minute Skype sessions (or a corresponding number of 45-minute sessions) with your tandem partner, using either the computers and webcams in the CLS during the scheduled course time or your own technology at home.

You will complete collaborative tasks together with your tandem partner, with half of your talking time in English and half in German. You and your partner will then provide each other with feedback and tips to help each other improve in your target languages. Finally, you will keep a portfolio with summaries of your sessions, language points given to improve and tracking your progress with that. At the end of the semester, you will write a self-evaluation. I will be acting as your coach and mentor in this and will be available during the scheduled course time to answer questions and go through your portfolio with you. Please ONLY sign up for this course if you are prepared to meet these conditions. If you have suggestions as to possible English-speaking candidates who would be interested in acting as your tandem partners, please contact me or put them in touch with me. I will contact you at the beginning of October to plan everything else.

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