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Welcome to Osnabrück University Library: Information 4 International Students & Staff

DozentIn: Dr. phil. Jost Hindersmann, M.A. , Hendrik Kuck , Dr. Miriam Lahrsow , Mathias Laubenheimer , Carolin Schwarte , Dr. phil. Anneke Thiel , Felix Wunder

Veranstaltungstyp: Einführungsveranstaltung

Ort: nicht angegeben


Beschreibung: This online course provides you with information on how to use the library and search for scientific resources, either printed or digital, that you need for your classes, papers, and theses.
A short presentation (available via the "Dateien" tab (i. e. files or documents)) is dedicated to basic information on the library and will enable you to be admitted as a user, to find literature, borrow books and get access to electronic media licensed by the library.

Several Opencast videos dealing with research tools (e. g. databases) and other useful topics will follow soon.

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