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Delivering Effective Presentations: Strategies for Confidently Presenting in English

DozentIn: Frank Lauterbach, M.A.

Veranstaltungstyp: Workshop

Ort: 15/322a

Zeiten: Termine am Freitag, 12.01.2024 - Samstag, 13.01.2024 09:00 - 17:00

Beschreibung: This workshop is for anybody interested in developing their academic presentation skills in English. The focus will be on oral classroom presentations ("Referate"), common in many areas of study. It is designed to make you feel more confident and comfortable when presenting and to provide you with suggestions for making your presentations more effective. It will also address some specific requirements when presenting in English as well as certain typical pitfalls to be avoided.
Classroom presentations (in general and in English in particular) pose a range of challenges because they require you to simultaneously handle different means of communicating, such as your personality, the actual speaking, the use of (a possibly foreign) language, the structural organization of the presentation, the use of visuals (esp. PowerPoint-slides), and your physical performance. We will discuss how to handle these challenges and, in particular, cover the following topics:
• understanding the communicative function of presentations;
• preparing a focused and well-structured presentation;
• creating supportive PowerPoint-slides;
• integrating slides well into oral presentations;
• using language and rhetorical devices successfully;
• handling voice and body language effectively;
• presenting with personal confidence and credibility;
• overcoming nervousness and presentation anxiety.
The workshop combines constructive input with group work, individual practice, and plenary discussions. You will also be given the opportunity to deliver a short presentation and to receive peer and expert feedback on it.
The language of instruction will be English throughout. Thus, to participate and get the best out of the course, you should consider yourself to have at least a solid B1-level – no proof or test is required, though!

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